CHÂU Kim-Sanh is a choreographer-dancer, filmmaker, and cultural worker. Her practice comprises choreographic and video making – with an interest for the emergence of imaginary landscapes through the body – distilled from far away dreams and imaginary memories.

Her dance creations have been presented at the MAI, Tangente, l’Arsenal (Canada), Krossing-Over (Vietnam), Performance Curator Initiatives (Philippines), SIDance (Korea), among others.

In 2023, she collaborates as a dancer with compagnies Katie Ward, Carpe Diem /Emmanuel Jouthe, Mandoline Hybride /Priscilla Guy.

CHÂU is affiliated to organisations such as Studio 303 (as artistic director) and Company Equivoc’ (as associate artist).

She graduated in Dance (MA UQAM) and finance (MA ASB Denmark / Harvard USA).

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lost memories

un phare. la nuit se déchaine sur les vagues // bleu sombre.

velour. un vert qui dégouline // luxuriant.

vivid memories

december 8 2019 San Diego (CA). Light green. Vibrant. Lime & other fruits from the Californian backyard.

december 21 2020 Hemingford (QC). Cherry blossom. Light pink. Texture. Lasted long.

october 6 2021 Near Hemingfor (QC). Cornfield reminescence. Fluid yellow. Metallic liquid. It slides.

march 1 2022 Lantier (QC). Saphire blue drape. Intense.