CHÂU Kim-Sanh is a choreographer-dancer, filmmaker, and cultural worker. Her practice comprises choreographic and video making – with an interest for the emergence of imaginary landscapes through the body – distilled from far away dreams and imaginary memories.

Her dance creations have been presented at the MAI, Tangente, l’Arsenal (Canada), Krossing-Over (Vietnam), Performance Curator Initiatives (Philippines), SIDance (Korea), among others.

In 2023, she collaborates as a dancer with compagnies Katie Ward, Carpe Diem /Emmanuel Jouthe, Mandoline Hybride /Priscilla Guy.

CHÂU is affiliated to organisations such as Studio 303 (as artistic director) and Company Equivoc’ (as associate artist).

She graduated in Dance (MA UQAM) and finance (MA ASB Denmark / Harvard USA).

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Co-creation Hazy Montagne Mystique (music), Kim-Sanh Châu (dance), Guillaume Vallée (video)

Présentation Montréal Art Lounge (Nov 25, 2016) Accès Asie (May 12, 2017)
Year 2017

La bande sonore, basée sur une musique molam du peuple Thaï-dam est une complainte de chant lointain. Elle deviendra tourment et l’audience s'y perdra pour entamer un voyage à travers leurs propres pensées. L'univers créé sera soutenu par une création visuelle expérimentale et par une performance de danse contemporaine.

Les préoccupations et les attentes is a performance piece based on Molam, a song of lament of the Tai dam people. In this multidisciplinary performance, the artists combine experimental sound, image and contemporary dance to create a universe inviting the audience on a deeply moving, cerebral journey.